Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Red, white and blue quilt

Some of you may remember that I have made quilts for the Quilt of Honor program. This time two woman wanted to help, so the three of us went to the quilt store and purchased the material needed. As time rolled on, we heard the story of a young man who is a trainer at the health club where we work out. Dimitry lost his Dad when at war in Afganistan about 14 years ago. Dimitry is a very quiet individual who is very polite and certainly helpful. Yesterday we gave the quilt to him as we wanted him to know that Americans do appreciate his father's sacrifice as well and Dimitry's struggle.

The pictures shows Dimitry, Sandra (me), Carol and Kathy.

The Quilt of Honor program may not have received this quilt, but they certainly inspired the giving. The ladies are ready to work on the next red, white and blue quilt.

By the way, I sat down to do the next EDM in May challenge and just said to myself, "I'm not getting the art that I want to do done, so quit the challenge". Kudos to those who have stuck with the program.

I notice that fewer and fewer people are contributing to this EDM site. Maybe other venues are drawing people. Maybe it's the awful ads via Blogspot. Who knows. I do however, appreciate seeing the wonderful projects that you artists produce.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Challenges 17-21

Somehow I'm still continuing to do these challenges for Every Day in May. Yes, it's good to sit down and center my thoughts and actions, but it does take some discipline. I did pass May 16 as we were to draw something scary and I didn't want to give "scary" any mental or physical time.

We were to draw the palm of our hand and something that belongs to someone else. My husband's golf club definitely is his toy!

Then we had my cranberry juice, a favorite drink, followed by the last thing I bought. It will be interesting to see how long this succulent lasts. I'm just supposed to immerse it in water. Problem is that I don't know for how long or how often.

Surprise for me is that I received news that I will be a grandma for the fourth time. Blow me away!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Continuing the May challenge

This challenge is requiring me to think! I need to plan and visualize before I even put the pen to paper. Is this a bad thing? Really, going through this learning experience is good for me.

Found these gloves in an old chest. Oh my, memories from long ago. The oldest thing in my refrigerator is batteries. I no longer even have the camera that these can use these batteries.

The pillow was the most interesting one in the house. Think that I need to upgrade my collection. We were to do a figurine. Mine sat on the coffee table when I was a kid. He is cute, despite his sad expression.

Day 15 suggested a pencil. Golly, I hope that you could figure that out without my explanation:)

Seeing how each artist fulfills the challenge helps one get a broader perspective the drawing. So much to learn!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

EDM in May continues

Another five days of this challenge has passed and somehow I've managed to keep up!

There is this lovely perfume bottle that is still pretty full even after owning it for years. It is the thought that counts when given a gift:) The feather was from a friend. I find it so stunning that nature can provide such detailed and colorful surprises.

As silly as it is to decorate a tea kettle, I had so much fun. Part of this challenge is to open me up to see things differently. It's working!

A rattlesnake that was 9'6" long certainly fits my bill for creepy. Glad that was not found in my part of the world. A lock on lips seems like a good idea, not only for secrets, but for reminding me to only be kind in what I say.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Everyday in May

Amazing how much one can learn in just a few days. This EDM challenge for May is forcing me to be more aware of what I am drawing, to try to make a more "complete" sketch and to use the different media that I have on hand. So much to learn!

We've started the month with something bubbly and a favorite sound.

Then we were to draw something that brings joy. Holding babies is very special to me, especially when it is one of my grandchildren.

Day four and five suggested socks and a pine or fir or eucalyptus tree. Pretty easy to tell which was right in front of me and which was from imagination. I figure that "do-overs" are not allowed for this challenge. I'll just go with the flow and try harder next time.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Travel to Utah

St. George, Utah, was our destination for a week of golf and a tour of Zion National Park adventure. I only managed to squeeze in spurts of time for drawing. The back side of this building (I believe an old opera house) was seen from the second floor of our accommodations. This was a big challenge for me as architectural angles can be really tough to capture.

One evening I skipped the lecture and wandered the town until I happen to find this old fire truck. I was having a grand old time until I realized that it was so dark that I couldn't see the detail. Besides, people coming out of the nearby restaurant were giving me funny looks.

The beauty of Zion National Park was amazing. Also, it was very humbling to be below such tall cliffs. This view is the Three Patriarchs. Our geologist explained the significance of each layer of color. The white is where one can find dinosaur tracks.

Red rock can be found in any direction in this area. This scene is from the 18th hole of Sky Mountain Golf Course (a public course) in the town of Hurricane (pronounced hurricun by the locals).

There is a joy to desert country in the spring. This white cactus was in full bloom and such a special treat to the eyes.

Certainly it's fun to travel, but always nice to be home. I've started the EDM May 2013 challenge, quilting and painting our garage wall which will be a giant zentangle when finished. Yes, I'll share that when I get further along. Joy!