Thursday, December 27, 2012

Colored Pencil Project #2

The second lesson of three is a pair of little shoes. I'm presenting a few pictures to show the process.

The big lesson here was to realize how many variations of color can be gain from one pencil by using pressure.

Layering was achieved by using a second color, but trying to apply the same pressure as in the first stage.

This picture and the final are very close. I just wanted you to see the difference in the tiles as the ones on the left have the final layer. Certainly more punch than the ones on the left.

Ta-da, I'm done! OK, the top left tiles are "wrong". Hey, I can have a senior moment:)

Thanks for your informative comments. The next post will show you the last project and a color chart that I created. I learned that I had a lot of pencils, both Prismacolor and Lyra. The companies must love me:)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Learning about Colored Pencils

Lately I've had this inclination to learn more about colored pencil drawing. Buried in my bookshelf was a North Light Workbook on Colored Pencil Techniques by Bernard Poulin. So I decided to see what he had to say. The design was outlined in gray, which meant that one can focus on the color blending.

Naturally, I didn't have all the specific colors that he suggested. Since you can't see his version, you'll just have to assume that all my colors are correct! It's pretty overwhelming to realize how many layers are required to give the rich depth for this piece. YES, I have learned about these pencils.

Think that holiday preparations are under control, the rain is coming and I'm happy to settle in my cozy space to draw and quilt. May you all stay safe and comfortable as Christmas approaches.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zentangles play

A while back I had taken a watercolor workshop and we did color studies. So, I decided to play with the page and this is the result.

Funny how I can find time to do this during the rush of the season. I must have needed this "time out".

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas cards

Now that I have sent out our Christmas cards, it's OK to post these pictures. I didn't want any of the recipients to get an early glimpse:)This year I chose to do fabric postcards.

A variety of fabrics were purchased as I didn't want to get bored. Yes, I started in August since it's not nice to see me stressed by a close deadline.

Each of the approximately 60 cards was quilted. After the backing was added, I zigzagged the edge. Fabric markers were used for the addressing and a short message. My one concession to the post office was to add 1st class regular envelope postage. So far, they seem to have made it to their destinations!