Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zentangle Journal

The moleskin has only 2 1/2 pages left. It surprises me that I have come so far. What will I do next? Oh, something to ponder. I continue to find designs in some of my old journals and certainly in other blogs, magazines and books. Guess I've found my calling in detailed work.

(Click to view larger)

Well, my husband and I are off to see the grand kids. The twins will be one year old and we are going to help them celebrate. Hey, any excuse for a visit.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Rocks are my latest challenge. I'm taking a watercolor class and the first assignment was rocks. Oh dear, how could something so simple be so hard? Well, my instructor liked what I did and gave me a big clue as to why it worked-the 40% rule. Using a gray scale from one to ten, there should be at least a four jump difference between the light and dark areas. Remember, I need basic instruction in this subject. Anyway, I'm so proud.

Then I decided to do another pile of rocks. This time I used Intense pencils. All this practice helps me to not be so afraid. Now, however, I need to jump into water!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quilts of Honor

There are a couple of programs that are making quilts for returning servicemen/women. This time I have made one for the Quilts of Honor organization. Individuals can request a quilt for someone who has served in the military. As donations are received, the quilts are given out.
It just happened that I finished my gift this week, the week of 9/11 rememberances.The quilt is about 60" square which was one of the parameters. Red, white and blue are the preferred colors, but that is not an absolute demand. Design is up to the quilt maker.

 You can almost see the detail in this picture. The quilting is done with a "free motion" method that allows me to control the stitch design (instead of straight lines) which means that I can do zentangles.

I have no idea who will receive this, but I hope that it brings him/her comfort knowing that there are many people who care.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Last Saturday there was a Sketchcrawl gathering in Davis, CA. There were about 12 of us who met at the Co-Op, a store with many delicious foods! A smart place to meet. You can check out Pete Scully's site to see more about that day.

This fine sketch is the back side of the tomato sculpture in the patio area.
 Here the display of watermelons and the patio area of the Co-Op.