Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sketches and The Garage Wall

Last month I went to see the grand kids and was able to again enjoy one of the Shel Silverstein's books. Since it seems that he learned to draw by tracing Al Capp's cartoons, I'll assume that it is OK for me to copy free hand. He says so much with so few lines.

At the airport, I caught Mr. Sexy Time sleeping. His wife was watching the kids.


Below is the latest installment of the garage wall. I'm finding that doing about two sections at a time is my limit as I have to turn my head in awkward positions and their is a limit to that discomfort.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Snowflake Mandalas

The next lesson that I decided to follow in The Art of Zentangle included this pattern that was provided, a snowflake that had been cut and traced.

The next step was to connect any points that I wished and then fill in the spaces.

Well, apparently one did not satisfy my need to zentangle so I complete a second version and this time I added a bit of shading with a graphite pencil and colored pencils.

The difference surprised and pleased me!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Art of Zentangle

Apparently I can't seem to get enough of doing zentangles. I found a workbook on Amazon, THE ART OF ZENTANGLE 50 inspiring drawings, designs & ideas for the meditative artist. Margaret Bremmer has a blog Enthusiastic Artist that is very inspirational. I thought that she was the author. Well, there are three other contributors, each with a different perspective. The first action, however, was to take the book and have it spiral bound. I need flat pages for drawing.

This silly page shows three examples with my creation in the box on the lower left.

Again, there is an example at the top of the page with my hummingbird in the lower section.
The hippo is reverse zentangle and I deliberately left if unfinished so that you could realize the need to fill the entire page. What a delight to see the image emerge.

There is a step by step description of how to complete the fairy.
The mandalas are actually part of Margaret's lessons. I've complete about 50 of the 140 pages, so there is much to practice!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


There was a fiber arts show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Gallery. I submitted a small 17x18" piece titled Potpourri. It sold! This was very exciting as I believe that it was the only piece that did sell.

I used lots of trinkets, buttons, Angelina (polyester fibers that melt and sparkle when heated), purchased hand dyed fabric, feathers and whatever else grabbed my fancy.

This is a close-up from the piece.