Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ATC Zentangle

OK, help me. This is an ATC and I would be delighted to trade. 
Do I ask you to contact me?
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photo Journey

My journey has led me to various art forms. One of my sons, now 34, had a website for his adult soccer team. Certainly he needed pictures as he reported about each game. Using that excuse, I bought a nice camera with a 300 mm lens and became the team photographer. I went to one hour photo centers with my film (remember that stuff?) for quick processing. That got old. So, I changed to a digital camera and he gave up the soccer reporting!

Looking around, I saw many other photo opportunities. I started taking classes and was lucky enough to find Carol Leigh who teaches internet classes. Two of the subjects were faces in unusual places and diagonals. I would recommend her courses as all the students share their work and her critiques are given with humor which makes the medicine go down easily. Developing your "eye" for art is a forever quest. Carol can be found at:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Making Progress

The good news is that I have done this sketch with my right hand! The flip side is that the injury lingers. Now the challenge is to make a fist. Thanks to all who have sent encouraging comments.

Here are two of my left hand drawings. Try it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Before the fall

This mandala was finished about an hour before my big fall. I was looking down the road when I tripped on a raised section of the sidewalk. Chin, shoulder, hand and knee took the impact. Of course, my right (dominate) hand had two fingers receive the most damage. Imagine a splint-now envision a cast covering three fingers and extending down to about three inches from the elbow. This will be on for one week and it should be a maximum of 6 weeks for full recovery. I am practicing drawing with my left hand. A challenge that could be a test for all.

EDM has helped to renew my interest in art and helped me to enjoy the journey. I signed up for a class with Jeannie Vodden who does superb paintings. The technique was to mix the colors on the the paper. I learned a lot and pushed myself to get some darks. You can see more of Jeannie's work at: