Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quilt of Valor

After having so much trouble with the technical side of this blog, I am cautiously posting on my blog today. I won't push my luck and try to post more than one picture as additional photos seem to disappear.

This was a quilt that my friend Karen and I made for the Quilt of Valor Foundation. This organization is trying to make a quilt for all returning veterans. So far, over 33,000 quilts have been made. They have specific guidelines as they want it to be a certain size and quality.They also want a journal to accompany the quilt. We were glad to make it.

There is another organization called Quilts of Honor that is also making quilts for veterans. My next donation will be through them as they are more local to me. Each is reaching out to the the men and women who serve.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Catching up

I'm back from Ohio where I got to meet our twin 5 week old granddaughters and to play with the 2 year old big brother. I had visions of drawing the sweet little ones, but the best I could do was a couple of minutes drawing Loretta, one of the two hairless cats who was sitting on my lap. I mean, the breakfast dishes didn't get done until 4:30 pm. The parents are doing well, but what a lot of work.

Do you have a clue how many EDM postings are done in two weeks? It does take a while to catch up on the conversation and all your creative pieces-a task that I'm happy to do!

I'm having some challenges with Blogspot. I press to download pictures and they don't appear my blog. When I was in Ohio I saw three of the same picture on my blog using my son's computer. Here at home there was only one. I just tried to add a couple of pages from my Sketchbook Journal and they do not appear here. Any help would be appreciated.