Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One goal for this year is to create one mandala each month. Each time I do one, I try to push myself in technique and design. For February, I have done a colored pencil piece using the "Flower of Life" pattern. I'm a bit surprised at the secondary image and must decide if this is really finished.

Usually my pieces are 7" drawings on 10 by 10" paper. Canvas pieces are often bigger.

There just had to be a lady on the next pages in my moleskin zentangle. Here she is with her hair blowing. Color was added with colored pencils'

Have a nice day! All comments are appreciated.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trying Something New

I had been checking the links that other EDMers list on their blogs and found the use of watercolor crayons on canvas. Just had to try this technique. LOVE IT!

The zentangle was done with various pens. I found that some of the smaller pens seemed to quickly refuse to work. I wonder if the the wax in the crayons was the reason? This tangle is a bit "tight" when it should have shown more joy as my grandson was released from the hospital on the sixth day. A new alertness has come to the family with the diagnosis of asthma.

After a break, I did add to my zentangle moleskin. This is done with ink and colored pencils.

Well, I see that blogger has decided to place my pictures to the left. I'll have to figure out how to center them----later.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sharing love

Sometimes your actions and thoughts come together. My hairdresser's younger brother (age 28) passed away and the cause may not be know for a year when testing is done. Obviously, she and the family were quite upset. My heart aches for her and knew that she was grieving, big time. So I made the following card design with a split heart and a ribbon to express that love and time will heal a broken heart. I can only hope that it helps.

A variation from my red, white and blue quilts. I made this smaller turquoise, black and silver quilt for a veteran who is in his 80's. The pattern is Winding Ways found in a book by Nancy Elliot MacDonald.

Tomorrow is figure drawing and a visit to a quilt show. Also, I am playing with colored pencils. There are some terrific examples in the books that I purchased as a gift to me!

A special thought: Oliver, my 5 year old grandson has been in the hospital all week and two of those days in ICU. Seems that he was diagnosed with asthma and contacted a common cold. The combination created the "perfect storm" and he has been fighting to regain his health all week. Hopefully, he will be able to go home tomorrow. Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.