Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Home again

Aaah, travel pictures. Here are some sketches from airports. There was no time to sketch while visiting. This is done in my moleskin which I previously had decorated with Gelli printing.

During the part of the trip when I saw the grandchildren, the twins were totally delighted to again
be allowed to watch Frozen. I must admit that it is a fun movie and think that my favorite character is Olaf, the loveable tiny snowman.

At home I found some time to draw a piece in my zentangle moleskin. This is not an intricate piece, but one that I just had to do. Inktense pencils and ink were used.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Discovery and Diane

Discovery is the title of this quilt piece  (21x19"). The reason for the title is that I have learned there is more that I can accomplish. What a discovery! The fabric is cotton sateen that I hand dyed. Next, I quilted it using some designs which I had not previously attempted. Last, I painted the black. This is a very brave move after having completed the quilt.

My figure drawing session was lucky to have Diane pose for us. She has modeled for about 25 years and was able to hold the last pose for one hour! This piece did not last that long.