Saturday, March 30, 2013

Figure drawing and twin talk

Really, I have been doing some drawing as well as travel, gardening and enjoying life. Friday I was able to attend the figure drawing gathering. These are two of the pieces from that session.

It's fun to start feeling good about my drawings. Think that the top face could use a bit more chin. Yet, the pieces are getting better in proportion and they look like real women!

I had traveled to Ohio to see the grandkids. My grandson is doing better with his asthma, but the family must now be more alert to any breathing problems and diligent with medicine. He was camera shy for this visit. The picture of the twins is not a great photo, but it means so much. This captured one of the rare times that I could hear "twin talk". They were having quite a discussion about a book. The bond that is forming between these sisters is so delightful.

Spring is here and it feels so good. May everyone have a glorious Easter (even if you must stay inside!).

A request. Would one of you computer savvy people please help me to post the sideshow of my mandalas. I created the movie in Picasa and as you can see I labeled the "gadget", but I can't seem to add the pictures. Thanks.

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Mandala

The mandala for this month was done using the "snowflake method". I cut a snowflake out of tracing paper and lightly traced it onto this grey Canson paper. Then I connected any points that I felt would enhance the design. At a recent meeting of my art quilt group we talked about color. For the next gathering we are to bring an item an explain the color according to a color wheel. Maybe that influenced my choice of using analogous colors from the blue to purple. That combination should be easy to explain:)

Funny, I made a special effort to buy just the "right" paper for colored pencil and ended up using a piece that I found in my drawer. This learning process continues and I know that I have a lot more practice to do. What fun!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A gift for me!

Recently I went to a neighbors to wish him well after surgery. But I'm the one who came away with a gift. Becky, his wife, was doing zentangles on rocks! She used a Sharpie and other black markers to completely cover this river rock. Then she added a varnish to seal the piece.

Here is the "bottom" of the rock.

This just shows that we cannot use the excuse of running out of art supplies! I'm so pleased to receive this piece.