Monday, May 28, 2012

Mandala Collage and Zentangle

This 12 x 12" canvas was painted with another project in mind. But, the idea of a mandala seemed stronger, so that is the direction of this piece. The paint is actually blue, but with a red undercoat and at least two layers of blue, it appears black. With a compass that held a colored pencil I drew the outline. Fabric and laundry color sheets were the choices for the the inner pieces. Then I went to paint the purple and the blue base "ate it up"! The color was so absorbed that I gave up that idea. So, the purple is hand dyed fabric that I glued. The acrylic yellow was the wrong shade and boring, so I found in my stash, a shiny yellow that reflected the purple. Well, the original outside shape was half circles. It just didn't work. So, after several tries, I send up with the pointed shape that was cut from fabric. Back to the center where I had some yellow. That was then covered with tiny gold almost sand like beads. A few dots of yellow puff paint and a crystal in the center. I THINK that I'm done. My goodness, I'm sure wordy about this piece.
Zentangles is another type of art that I enjoy creating. Margaret Bremmer, at Enthuiastic Artist, has a terrific site that includes mandalas and zentanges. She is so talented and inspires me to do better as I play with my art. There is a peace that surrounds you as you enter that state of being absorbed in your art. May you all experience that contentment.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life a bit more settled

I've been able to "lurk" at the terrific work by the folks in the EveryDay Matters group. Such inspirational pieces. I was waylaid by a case of vertigo and now the world has stopped spinning. I missed my regular figure drawing session, but went to an very relaxed gathering where Andrew posed while playing a game on his i-pad.
I felt good enough to go golfing yesterday and along the edge of the golf course was this peacock who was keeping an eye on his lady. The glory of the peacock blue color was breathtaking.
Another project has been a thank you to the clubhouse where we hold our art quilt meetings. We invited children from the community to come and help create a quilt. They did an outstanding job! I brought it home to quilt and it will be auctioned to support the community projects.
Since my head is no longer spinning, I can get back to thinking and creating. There is a list of projects that I want to tackle!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Zentangles and flowers

Sometimes you just let your thoughts wander and create meaningless pieces. There is no real reason for the flowers and zentangles. But, it's not a complete loss--I did learn more about using Inktense pencils and I settled a bit more after traveling.