Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Study of Figures

Until May 10th, there is a figure drawing show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. 
Here are two pieces that I submitted.

This was thread drawn on fabric. I'm happy to be moving in this direction. Trying something new!

Using the same image, I did a fabric collage figure. I was going to use the same method on the background, but realized that I had this glorious cotton fabric that I had dyed. Each piece is 11 x 14".

Tonight I was trying to be motivated to draw and realized that my husband was sleeping in his chair and was, therefore, a perfect model. Golly, he even recognized himself after his nap!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grandma's love

Sewing for grand daughters is so fun! The twins are three and do not wear clothes that exactly match. Variations of the same dress are acceptable.

I wandered into a children's shop and discover dresses
 that were more simple than these that cost $70.
My heart went pitter patter. I didn't know that I was making something priceless.