Sunday, May 12, 2013

EDM in May continues

Another five days of this challenge has passed and somehow I've managed to keep up!

There is this lovely perfume bottle that is still pretty full even after owning it for years. It is the thought that counts when given a gift:) The feather was from a friend. I find it so stunning that nature can provide such detailed and colorful surprises.

As silly as it is to decorate a tea kettle, I had so much fun. Part of this challenge is to open me up to see things differently. It's working!

A rattlesnake that was 9'6" long certainly fits my bill for creepy. Glad that was not found in my part of the world. A lock on lips seems like a good idea, not only for secrets, but for reminding me to only be kind in what I say.


Alex said...

They look great! I really like the perfume bottle, and the kettle looks like it's ready to party :D
Great ideas for the creepiness of snakes and locking lips ^^

Jane said...

All these look great! I think my favourites are the tea kettle (I love that decoration!) and the feather, which is really beautiful.

Dan Kent said...

These are clever, creative, and so well done! Great that you are keeping up with the challenge and with such great results!

Anonymous said...
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Minerva said...

Love the zentangle teapot!!!

Ann Shaver said...

Am new to EDM & your tenacity, creativity & humor is so inspiring!