Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amazing Esther

Esther is a very special friend. She is 97 years old and has just moved from California to her daughter's house in Texas. Now this woman is not an inactive little old lady. She has lived in many different states, as well as England and Mexico. She is a retired school teacher and has precise handwriting. Esther sends lots of personal notes and is very thoughtful about remembering birthdays. She writes poetry and for her 95th birthday, we made a book of her poems (she helped to paint the covers) and gave them to friends and family. She has been part of a Spanish club, a book club, a writers group and was a member of her church here in Sacramento.

Well, she has been at her daughters for a little over one week and she sent her first e-mails!! Maybe the reason she stays so young and alert is that she is willing to try new things. While on the computer, she got to see my blog. Now I want others to know how very proud I am to know Esther.

In another direction, Jennifer Edwards had a drawing on her blog and I won! I will receive some of her greeting cards and tags. This is my birthday week, so I seem to be especially blessed this year.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zentangle moleskin

The zentangle journey continues. Here is the latest installment which includes a face. I continue to be aware of shapes in nature as well as in magazines and other print media. This section is 3 pages of my moleskin.

 One evening I just plunked myself down, determined that I would do a sketch. With a Pitt pen I drew this violet (I'm so proud that it is blooming). Over two sessions, I added the colored pencil.

Triple digit temperatures today. I did have to water some outdoor plants as they were drooping by noon. Yikes!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dog and the Sketchbook Project

It seems charming to have birds build a next in a tall shrub right next to the house. We got to watch the mocking birds bring twigs and nest building supplies for the perfect home. Finally the little ones hatched. Now, mom and dad become real protective when the little ones begin chirping. PROBLEM: we have bird dog. Apparently he is very patient.

Note that one bird is on the chair while the second dive bombs Cody, who doesn't seem interested in moving. After all, it's his home 24/7. Alas, two babies became victims to Cody. We never found any eggs so we are not sure if there was a third baby. The problem is, the birds built a nest there last year and they will probably come again. Oh, if I could control nature!

The Sketchbook project is digitalizing our 2011 books. Mine can be found at: This was a fun endeavor. The show is in San Francisco through tomorrow, but I don't have the energy to go. What a bummer.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Figure drawing

Well, summer has arrived and the figure drawing sessions are over until late in August. Here are a couple of 15 minute sketches that I did last week. I continue to learn and to admire the high quality of work by others in the class. Yevgenia Watts  who I met through EDM was able to join our group for the day. She does such fine work.

A shock came this week. Pamo's blog no longer exists! She apparently just had too much happening. Personally, I'm going to miss the laughs. Yet, she must take care of herself and I wish much happiness for her.