Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Travel to Utah

St. George, Utah, was our destination for a week of golf and a tour of Zion National Park adventure. I only managed to squeeze in spurts of time for drawing. The back side of this building (I believe an old opera house) was seen from the second floor of our accommodations. This was a big challenge for me as architectural angles can be really tough to capture.

One evening I skipped the lecture and wandered the town until I happen to find this old fire truck. I was having a grand old time until I realized that it was so dark that I couldn't see the detail. Besides, people coming out of the nearby restaurant were giving me funny looks.

The beauty of Zion National Park was amazing. Also, it was very humbling to be below such tall cliffs. This view is the Three Patriarchs. Our geologist explained the significance of each layer of color. The white is where one can find dinosaur tracks.

Red rock can be found in any direction in this area. This scene is from the 18th hole of Sky Mountain Golf Course (a public course) in the town of Hurricane (pronounced hurricun by the locals).

There is a joy to desert country in the spring. This white cactus was in full bloom and such a special treat to the eyes.

Certainly it's fun to travel, but always nice to be home. I've started the EDM May 2013 challenge, quilting and painting our garage wall which will be a giant zentangle when finished. Yes, I'll share that when I get further along. Joy!


Mary Walker said...

May have been tough but I believe you did quite well

Alex said...

great sketches! :D despite the condition you were in drawing them

Cathy Holtom said...

Great sketches and photos and it sounds I want to see the dinosaur tracks!