Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trying Something New

I had been checking the links that other EDMers list on their blogs and found the use of watercolor crayons on canvas. Just had to try this technique. LOVE IT!

The zentangle was done with various pens. I found that some of the smaller pens seemed to quickly refuse to work. I wonder if the the wax in the crayons was the reason? This tangle is a bit "tight" when it should have shown more joy as my grandson was released from the hospital on the sixth day. A new alertness has come to the family with the diagnosis of asthma.

After a break, I did add to my zentangle moleskin. This is done with ink and colored pencils.

Well, I see that blogger has decided to place my pictures to the left. I'll have to figure out how to center them----later.


Jane said...

Sandra it's great news that your grandson is out of hospital and that the diagnosis means everyone knows what they are working with. And I love both these zentangles! especially the effect of the heart over the strong colours. Lovely.

Caatje said...

Beautiful tangles, I especially love the heart. Indeed the wax in these crayons can kill most pens. You can use a dipping pen or a regular pen with a brush tip. Another thing I do is to use medium instead of water for the wetting of the crayons. Then pretty much any pen will work. Mixing the crayons with gesso gives beautiful chalky colours. Can you tell I love watersoluble crayons?

Alex said...

These are gorgeous! I love the designs and how everything come together to the center =)

Sandra said...

Thanks to all your your comments. Caatje, you have given me another technique to try! I'll get on it.