Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Home again

Aaah, travel pictures. Here are some sketches from airports. There was no time to sketch while visiting. This is done in my moleskin which I previously had decorated with Gelli printing.

During the part of the trip when I saw the grandchildren, the twins were totally delighted to again
be allowed to watch Frozen. I must admit that it is a fun movie and think that my favorite character is Olaf, the loveable tiny snowman.

At home I found some time to draw a piece in my zentangle moleskin. This is not an intricate piece, but one that I just had to do. Inktense pencils and ink were used.


PAMO said...

Love seeing these glimpses into your journals! Looks like you got some art in despite your schedule.

The twins are ADORABLE!!!

Yevgenia Watts said...

Wow, they are getting big! Hope you had a wonderful trip :) We should get together some time, now that I live in Sacramento! Maybe go sketch together?