Monday, January 13, 2014

Time for Sketching

There have been moments during the last month when I did sit down to sketch. During one trip, I took a picture of this fallen tree trunk and I was determined to draw it. I finally did!
Pen and watercolor pencils were used.
During the 49ers win over the Panthers, I sketched from an instruction book and branched out to draw my own hand.

OK, I did enjoy the California weather today. Yes, we are facing a drought, but temperatures in the high 60's are to wonderful to ignore.


Cathy Holtom said...

Great sketches, trees, branches & roots are always inspiring. Enjoy the weather!

Nancy Faris said...

Sandra, nice to see you back. I always feel inspired after visiting your blog. You do so many beautiful crafts and wonderful art. Nancy

dorena922 said...

Nice sketches! Oh, to feel the sun on my face and 60 degrees right now! I love that I have four seasons here, unlike in Texas, but after several gray days, and quite some time without going over 40, it just seems like it would feel heavenly!

PAMO said...

Beautiful work Sandra! You draw superbly.
60's sound fabulous.

Alex said...

Beautiful sketches Sandra! :)The fallen tree trunk is terrific!~