Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year Greetings!

Hope that the new year brings you joy and happiness!

We were traveling over the holidays and have happily returned home from Florida. Should you ever make a trip to Orlando, consider an extra hour to go to Lake Wales to visit the Bok Tower Gardens. Bok had this carillon bell tower built and you can hear the bells every day.

The gardens are vast and it is calming to wander around the site. One of my favorite spots is this viewing area that is enclosed and has benches. You look through the glass window and can see this pond and relax as you wait for the creatures to settle.

About an hour to the the east of Orlando is the Kennedy Space Center. This is a mural that really gives you the feeling of floating in space. It is amazing to see space craft that is 36 stories high that man was able to send off. 

Yes, I did a little bit of drawing, played golf and watched soccer. ESPN's Wild World of Sports sponsors a huge tournament for youth soccer. Our son is a soccer coach so we stayed for both the boy's and the girl's tournaments. Not a lot of sunshine, but very nice.

Now I'm happy to be home and get back to drawing, sewing and enjoying sunshine in California. Oh yes, we are definitely facing a drought, so we will be careful with water usage.

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