Friday, August 2, 2013


Yesterday, a friend who has a big studio that is dedicated to silk painting, let me come over and play. I took my silk, folded it, placed it on a tube (waterproofed with scotch tape), wrapped it with string, then I squished the fabric to created mountain and valley folds. 
The last step it to add color (I used three colors) with an eyedropper. 
To a beginner like me, it is a total guess how the piece will look when it's done.

I put it in a pillowcase, dried in in the dryer for 60 minutes 
and then rinsed it to wash out the excess color.
What will I do with it? That is part of the fun. Somehow it will go into a quilted wall hanging.


Mary Walker said...

Lovely color choices

Patricia said...

Love how this silk turned out. And I'm looking forward to more garage wall photos. Yikes! What a massive undertaking. And. Congrats on the sale of your artwork.

Alex said...

wow! This looks beautiful!