Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sketches and The Garage Wall

Last month I went to see the grand kids and was able to again enjoy one of the Shel Silverstein's books. Since it seems that he learned to draw by tracing Al Capp's cartoons, I'll assume that it is OK for me to copy free hand. He says so much with so few lines.

At the airport, I caught Mr. Sexy Time sleeping. His wife was watching the kids.


Below is the latest installment of the garage wall. I'm finding that doing about two sections at a time is my limit as I have to turn my head in awkward positions and their is a limit to that discomfort.

Have a nice day!


Mary Walker said...

Mr Sexy Time made me laugh out loud!

Alex said...

Fun looking sketches and yet another great zen ^^

Judy said...

Thanks for the update on your garage wall. Love what you are doing here. It's quite the project!