Sunday, April 15, 2012

Be Still Oh Inner Critic

There are times when we must overlook the inner critic. I continue to go to figure drawing sessions and am learning to still the critic. This piece was done with a charcoal pencil on paper that had "tooth". I can pick at details, BUT I guess that I like it because there is hope.

I've made another quilt for Quilts of Honor. You may recognize the pattern from a previous posting. This piece is 58"x58" and will be given to a deserving veteran.

And--just to remind you that Spring is really here. This picture of apple blossoms was taken at a friends house.


Shirley said...

Great work. Love to see someone else posting figure drawings AND quilts. Wish we lived closer!

kazumiwannabe said...

Nice line work and shadows on the figure drawing!
You're right about the inner critic, we have to bypass it or we'd never get anything done, and it would be such a waste!

Dan Kent said...

The Quilt of Honor is powerful - I love the overlapping of the red and blue squares! Perfect for a veteran.

I think the sketch is great! Good thing to still the inner critic. Mine has been particularly grouchy and vocal as of late - I haven't quite figured out how to tell him to shut up!

Alex said...

Nice shadings on the figure, and great quilt design as always!

nanke's stuff said...

That quilt is perfection - just look at how perfect all those points are! And your figure is very will done, too. So much talent!! nancy

Judy Tillson said...

Very beautiful drawing of the figure. I so relate to your comment "be still my inner critic" -- I continue to try and overlook mine and continue to play with photography. I'm so glad you're going forward with your drawing.