Sunday, March 11, 2012

Odds and ends

I made the quilt that is pictured below, to be auctioned at a fundraiser for a soccer club. Yes, someone won the quilt, but the winning bid barely covered my costs. It may be a while before I consider making another one. Oh well, that happens.

Since is was intrigued by the design, I used it on an 8" x 8" dot piece. I continue to learn about using the dots as the best certainly background colors work better an others. The learning continues.

Yes, I continue to go to the figure drawing sessions. Someone suggested contrast so I added the yellow. OK, sometimes I get carried away.

The more I do art, the more I seem to "need" to immerse myself in the process. This feeling may be the same for you!


Patricia said...

Hi Sandra. I came here via your comment on my blog (thanks thanks thanks). I enjoyed spending some time going through your images. You're having a lot of fun I can see.

bettyfromtexas said...

Lovely pieces . . . I am sorry about your quilt not having got its due!!!

raena said...

Lovely quilt! And wonderful sketch. I'm not sure of myself on this, but when someone says contrast, don't they mean more light and dark? Not as much mid-tone? I think?

Sandra said...

Good point, Raena. We had just glanced at someone's piece and there was a lot of color. I just grabbed the yellow at the last minute. Ah, I continue to learn. Nice to know that you are lurking.

raena said...

Ah, I continue to learn also. I have since seen 'contrast' used to describe color, shape, line, etc. etc. It just seems to pop up everywhere since I made that comment! Funny, I had only considered it in the context of value before!