Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ATC Zentangle

OK, help me. This is an ATC and I would be delighted to trade. 
Do I ask you to contact me?
Happy Thanksgiving!


Alex said...

This is such a "lovely" zentangle design ^^ I am sure you'd be able to get a good trade for it. Too bad I have no ATC or started anything of the sort, but someday I will. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving too :)

Sandra said...

Someone has requested a trade. I'm always curious what others are doing and I may decide to seriously collect these for the next year.

raena said...

I've never done an ATC or ACEO, but I think there is a website out there where everyone is going to buy, sell, or trade them. This is beautiful, wish I had something to trade for it!

freebird said...

Great ATC. I'm not surprised someone snatched it up already!

Possum Patty said...

Cool design.

Sharon said...

I love your hearts zentangle. :)

Anonymous said...

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