Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guest Sketcher

Recently I had a dear friend, my "sister", come to help me. There was time to sit and draw. Isn't that the dream of all of us sketchers? Barbara Parke-Wolff creates her own journals and had participated in Danny Gregory's Retreat in Rowe, Mass. She is also taking part in Sketch Skool. Barbara, on the left, a mutual friend, Judi Sullivan, joined us today. Judi left before I could get a picture of her drawing. Most important was the comfort of friendship. Oh, that is Cody, keeping guard.

My backyard has never looked so good!

The following is of a bush that is called "Lion's Tail" and if fun to watch grow.

Last is a drawing from some quiet time in and out of the house.

Tomorrow she will be leaving. I was so blessed to have her here, but now she will return to her home where her sweet husband has been patiently awaiting her return. Thanks, Gary.


Pam Huggins said...

How wonderful to get to sketch with such a treasured friend.
And what a gorgeous place to sit and sketch!
Your sketches are gorgeous and your helper Cody is adorable.

Shirley said...

Such a treat - and perfect for taking it easy in beautiful surroundings.