Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Study of Figures

Until May 10th, there is a figure drawing show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. 
Here are two pieces that I submitted.

This was thread drawn on fabric. I'm happy to be moving in this direction. Trying something new!

Using the same image, I did a fabric collage figure. I was going to use the same method on the background, but realized that I had this glorious cotton fabric that I had dyed. Each piece is 11 x 14".

Tonight I was trying to be motivated to draw and realized that my husband was sleeping in his chair and was, therefore, a perfect model. Golly, he even recognized himself after his nap!


Vicki Miller said...

I know I could never be brave enough to thread paint a person, but you have really done a great job. Hope the show goes well

Shirley said...

These all are wonderful Sandra! I love your new direction and just imagine how you will be able to merge your art and surface design skills!! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sandra. What great work.
Love it!