Sunday, September 22, 2013

Silk Painting and more

Painting on silk and the different techniques for dyeing fabric is one of my current interests. Previously I mentioned using the Shibori method of adding color. This time I used a "scrunch" idea. I laid the fabric out flat and beginning in the center, I started gathering it until I had a scrunched ball. Then I wrapped twine around to hold the wad in place. Two different colors were randomly placed to give the uneven print. Love it!

A few years ago a friend passed away. I was asked to help go through a trunk with her art supplies. There I found this flower which was outlined in gutta the resist that is put down to contain the shapes. I finally got my courage to paint the flower. I am learning so much.

For the second time, two friends have chipped in to buy the fabric for a quilt to honor a veteran. This quilt will be sent to the Quilts of Honor program.

One more project! This looks somewhat creepy but it is the first time that I've tried this technique. Mary Pal is a quilter who devised a way of presenting portraits by using cheescloth as the main media. She mixes watered down glue with the cheesecloth and has done dramatic pieces. Please look are her terrific art. A true study in lights and dark. Well, here is my first attempt!


Shirley said...

Four amazing projects!!! Love all of them and can't even imagine how you were able to "paint" the flower so that it looks like a sophisticated botanical.

Did you change your email address? If so, would you email me? I've tried to send you 2 emails over the last few weeks and it bounces back immediately.

jenna said...

I love that flower! Reminds me of some of the great botanical illustrations you find amongst color plates in old books.