Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quilt of Honor & Zentangles

My Mixed Bag has another quilt. Since I gave the last quilt directly to a wounded soldier (who has just driven his family to Georgia from California), I wanted to do another for the Quilt of Honor program. This time I used a light blue as well as the stronger red, white and blue colors.

It really is a square quilt, about 62" by 62".

The layout of blocks can create many variations. I decided that the rows worked best for this quilt. As with painting pictures, you don't always know what your final decision until after you get to the end of a project.

I've included this close up (a bit hard to see the detail, sorry) because I wanted to convey the idea of using zentangles in other art forms. The sewing machine was set to "free motion" which allows me to move the quilt in any direction that I chose instead of a straight line. This method demands that I draw a design that will be interesting and certainly achieve the goal of holding the fabric layers together. I think that you can click on any picture to get a larger view.

It's all packaged and will soon be in the mail as a thank you to a service man or woman.


Anonymous said...


Judy said...

Incredible! I like the way you've incorporated Zentangles.

Do you ever sleep???? LOL

Alex said...

this is NICE! :D I bet it's really warm too

Dan Kent said...

This is art! A beautiful pattern, great detail, and fine colors. I am amazed by the concept of an improvisation with sewing machine. It would seem so unwieldy to me.

nanke's stuff said...

Wow! This is really, really nice. I love the simplicity of the design coupled with the complexity of the quilting. Very nicely done! nancy