Friday, November 23, 2012

A Soldier's Quilt

Quilts are a part of my life. In June I had purchased fabric for a red white and blue quilt for the Quilt of Honor program. September came and I was finally getting around to making it. I went to my health club and Tim, the most friendly greeter told me the news that his son-in-law has been injured in Afghanistan. His transport vehicle drove over a bomb. I went home and said to myself, this is my quilt, I can give it to whoever I want. So Damian was to receive this quilt.

Damian came home with a leg that still can't fully bend, but he is going to start physical therapy on Monday and I feel that he will heal. He came home to California this week and I was able to present the quilt to him and his family.

Below is a close up of the outer blocks.

I wish that I could honor all soldiers, but I'll work on it one at a time.


Anonymous said...

Sandra - that's a super story! The quilt is beautiful and I'm sure that every day that bad leg is hugged by it, all the cels and muscles will be aligning into working order. One cel, one muscle at a time just like it's one square a time to build the quilt.
A perfect Thanksgiving story. The Universe thanks you for this.
love, m

Shirley said...

Fabulous! I'm sure he really appreciated it.

Cathy Holtom said...

A really beautiful quilt and the family look happy to receive it too!

Anonymous said...

last night on the PBS channel there was a wonderful program on these quilts of honor. Sandra, your quilt should have been shown!

Sarah Melling said...

What a lovely story...and a gorgeous quilt. And thank you for your kind's these seemingly small one-on-one gestures that make a difference!

Ruthie said...

Really beautiful Sandra.

Boud said...

This is the first post of yours I've ever seen, and what a good place for me to start! lovely artwork, lovely destination, too.

Do you have a way I can sign up to follow your blog?