Thursday, October 11, 2012

A sketch and a collage

A friend has a '56 Chevy so we went to a small gathering of classic car buffs at a local eating spot. I sat in front of this truck that was completely build by the owner. Such a labor of love! There was wood on the sides of the truck bed that had precise cut out letters. Very impressive.

My art quilt group issued a challenge for this month, to create a paper collage that is approximately 8 1/2 by 11". I had so much fun this this project.

There is a new website that I'd love to share. It's Wild Sage Art that Mabel Dean has started. Her work is soooo interesting and creative (which is the key word as you'll discover on her site). Hope that you can take a moment to check out her varied work.


Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Sandra,

Love the old Ford and what a great, colorful quilt-like collage,


Alex said...

beautiful artwork as always Sandra :) I love old cars!

Jennifer Edwards said... always you really shine when it comes to pattern and design! (Ooh, that rhymes!) Anyway, I love this paper collage and then the whimsical drawing in the previous post of the woman with the baby is terrific! And a lovely portrait drawn there as well! Have a fabulous weekend! -Jennifer

Stefano said...

Great work. I love your mixed way to make art!

Mary Walker Designs said...

Oh! a car show would be a great place to sketch I never thought to do that. Great idea.

. said...

I love old cars, trucks and farming machines and it looks like you got a sweet ride in one : )

Thank you agian for visiting my blog and for all your sweet comments. The project you did, will that be done next in fabric?