Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two more pages

Although I'm been working on a lot of projects, these two zentangle pages are finished (I think). There were a few compass guidelines, but most of this is freehand. That is a new experience for me. It's part of the build confidence in yourself that happens with zentangles.

It occurred to me that these designs do not have to be in a circle of square shape. As a reminder to me, there is no wrong in doing these designs. Well, I don't think that someone is going to zap me:)

May we continue to admire the athletes in the Olympics! How do they accomplish those feats?


Judy said...

Stunning! Both of them. The mandala is very delicate and lovely. The Zen-stripe is a great design. While examining each different area, I laughed when I "recognized" the alphabet. At a far glance it just looks like another design. Very clever!

Mary Walker Designs said...

I like the way your circle zentangle looks like a pointillism mandala.

Alex said...

They look great! And they flow really well in a very natural form :)

nanke's stuff said...

These are lovely ... I especially like the mandala! nancy