Monday, July 9, 2012

Journal and Postcards

It's over:( The watercolor journal class was held on just two Saturdays and now I must continue on my own. That is always a challenge. Here are two pages that I did which helped me to just sit me down and enjoy the moment.

I have no idea why I'm making fabric postcards, but here are a couple more. Actually, I'm thinking that it would be fun to make them as Christmas greetings. However, would it be fun if I had 75 to do?!

OK, call me crazy. It's near 100 degrees today and we are going golfing. Let's see, I just got a golf umbrella for my birthday, so that should be no problem. Ha!


nanke's stuff said...

I agree, it is fun to bounce between different media, and you're just so great at it! I love these journal pages, and your fabric postcards are very cool. 75 Christmas ones? You go, girl! lol nancy

Anonymous said...

I love the cards, especially the blue one! You are indeed multi-talented.
I am using my umberella a lot but for a different reason - it has not stopped raining for the past two months!

Yevgenia Watts said...

Oooh Sandra...I have to be on your mailing list for those fabulous postcards ;). 100 degrees? Beat 110! Just going to the car and back I feel my insides cooking!

debra morris said...

Great journal and lovely cards Sandra. Hope you enjoyed your golf