Sunday, June 17, 2012

A True Mixed Bag

This post is truly a mixed bag. I did purchase some paper that is recommended for pastel, as I decided not to wait until September. (Why did I think that I had to wait?) The piece is a 40 minute figure drawing that I did in Friday's class.

Onward to a quilt block. I have wanted to do a kaleidoscope piece for a long time and finally found the courage as I have a art quilt that I'm making. This idea comes from Paula Nadelstern's fantastic pieces which are highlighted in two books that I have by her: Kaleidoscope Quilts and Kaleidoscope Quilts The Workbook. While reading her text, she is generous about not perfect seams, they may come with practice. After I finished this piece, I realized that it's to big for the specific project that I'm working on. Yes, it will be used in another quilt.

Last is a real off the wall piece. One day when we were golfing with our friends, I picked up a broken tee and said that there must be an art piece waiting to happen. We have a larger piece in mind, but I had to see how it would work. I first painted the 6x6" canvas with acrylic paint (several layers, of course) and then glued the tees. When I was finished I coated the tees with a medium gloss as an extra coat of glue. This piece was finished inside my cool house, as it was 105 degrees yesterday.

Oh gee! there are so many more projects to try!!


nanke's stuff said...

Good for you for not waiting til Sept to do the pastel! You did a wonderful job with it, that's for sure. The quilt block is just amazing. I've never seen anything like it before. And the golf tees are really fun! Nancy

Shirley said...

Such a fun post. Paula is a good friend and one of our four person quilt bee. You did an amazing job on the kaleidoscope!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have been busy - and so creative. Beautiful work. I am glad you got the paper!

Louise said...

I am totally in awe of your quilt-making abilities! How eye-catching and lovely it is.

Stew Crowther said...

Hello Sandra. What a great drawing!
Fantastic idea with the tees and now I will go have some tea...