Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Arty Weekend Part I

Oh my, there are times when life is very full and last weekend was one of the special happenings in my life. I was able to visit my girl friend who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Barbara is a lurker here at EDM, but I hope that she will soon create a blog. She is a talented watercolor artist, calligrapher, bookmaker, cook and more. She just retired as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT.

We played all day in her studio after watching by Shirley Trevena who is not afraid of using color. She has two books out: Taking Risks with Watercolor and Vibrant Watercolors.

This chicken with attitude is Barbara's picture created after seeing the video and following the suggestion that we gather 3 to 5 objects and paint them. The lower picture is mine.

Well, blogger is not going to let me add any more pictures, so I'll continue the discussion is my next post!

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Alex said...

These drawings are great! And I really think that Barbara should start posting artwork on EDM forum too. I really like how you use colors in your drawings, and hopefully you'd be able to post more of your drawings.