Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back to my routine

The twins, however, did not slow down!

The girls had an "official" shopping trip with real money. 
Imagine-- they were quickly out of cash.

Now I'll get back to my slower art work routine.

By the way, on my son's computer I notice that there were three pictures of a recent quilt shown on my blog. Here, at home, there are only two. Don't mean to post too many. Sorry.
Computer problems such as two colors of type can trip me up.


Alex said...

Nice sketch Sandra! You've captured it so well =) Love those pictures, put a huge smile on my face ^^

Shirley said...

Lovely sketch - I'm sure it will bring back great memories of your visit. The twin photos are fabulous!

raena said...

Awe, poor guy! Great sketch of him though. And the twins do look so cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's all kids can do when they're not well, isn't it? Nicely drawn and assume he's right back joining in with the twins again.

Cathy Holtom said...

Poorly little boy but great sketch. The twins look lively enough!