Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dog and the Sketchbook Project

It seems charming to have birds build a next in a tall shrub right next to the house. We got to watch the mocking birds bring twigs and nest building supplies for the perfect home. Finally the little ones hatched. Now, mom and dad become real protective when the little ones begin chirping. PROBLEM: we have bird dog. Apparently he is very patient.

Note that one bird is on the chair while the second dive bombs Cody, who doesn't seem interested in moving. After all, it's his home 24/7. Alas, two babies became victims to Cody. We never found any eggs so we are not sure if there was a third baby. The problem is, the birds built a nest there last year and they will probably come again. Oh, if I could control nature!

The Sketchbook project is digitalizing our 2011 books. Mine can be found at: This was a fun endeavor. The show is in San Francisco through tomorrow, but I don't have the energy to go. What a bummer.



Satia said...

We had birds build a nest in a wreath hanging on our door. If you remove the nest as they are building it, they will move somewhere else to build it. It may seem harsh but if you can do it in the very early stages before there are any eggs you can know that the birds will find a new location that will become part of their natural habitat choice.

And I can vouch for the fact that there are still plenty of nests in our back yard because my fig tree is a favorite hangout and I hear many songs in the morning. Plus one bird flew into our house earlier this year. The dogs thought it was delightful to have company. I was anxious about getting it out without causing it any harm.

I succeeded. The bird flew right out the door.

Dan Kent said...

Your book is wonderful! I love your script and the scribbles and the patterns. It is a complete work of art!

I've had mockingbirds divebomb me too. Fierce protectors of their nests!

Carol Leigh said...

The sketchbook is terrific, Sandra! My favorite? The "A" of course. Thanks for the link so we could see the whole thing. --Carol Leigh

Beach Cat ! said...

WOW, I am really inspired. Also amused by your bird dog. We have had 3 brittanies and all 3 were patient but fascinated by the wildlife outside and the birds we keep indoors.