Friday, May 7, 2010

Challenges 4, 5, and 6

Continuing with the challenge of a drawing a day for the month of May.
Yes, this is a ceramic mug. OK, no handle, but designed to hold pencils, pens, etc.

Challenge #5 is my bed. I really wasn't floating as I drew that, but I guess that I just wanted a different perspective.

This is a ceramic dog that used to sit on the coffee table when I was a little kid. Probably worth nothing financially, but it reminds me of growing up in Mill Valley, CA. Memories are priceless.


Alex said...

Very lovely sketches =) I really like the ceramic dog ^^

nanke's stuff said...

What fun sketches! One nice thing about the "everyday in May" thing is that we get to have wee peeks into someone else's world. It's so much fun! nancy

donna said...

I really like the bed sketch. Something about it just makes me smile. Thanks.

Anna Wolf said...

Nice little sketches! I like the interesting perspective on the bed :)