Sunday, September 27, 2009

The First Step

Starting a blog is scary. Hey, I'm a person who has ground ink, cut a quill and prepared vellum for lettering. This computer process is a huge step for me! Somehow I'll figure out to to post a picture-the website acts as though it's real easy.
This site was started due to the encouragement of the many participants in the Everyday Matters group. Amazing how one person, in this case, Danny Gregory, can inspire others.


Anonymous said...

Welcome - great to see you here. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your work!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world! My daughter can not believe I have a site of my very own... neither can I :) There is such wonderful movement within your heart. Look forward to visiting often.

Cecelia said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I'm still trying to figure it out at times, but I took the plunge with some encouragement from others. I'm impressed with your background in calligraphy. They need to do that in schools today so that students can learn to write. They have cut out handwriting in the elementary grades here, in favor of teaching to those awful government mandated tests. As a result, kids get to high school and cannot write! When I was in school, we learned handwriting, the same way that we did calligraphy in college! When I taught, I did a unit on calligraphy, which helped my students' handwriting tremendously.

Aurileide Alves said...

Hi there, Sandra. I also got a bit scared of opening myself to all people online. But now the feeling is so good, when I get a single little comment of a person from the other side of the world, telling me he or she saw what I did... this his no price... and make me so happy I could say doing a blog to show the lines I do, made me a happier person. Wish I can see yours very soon. Please, post them and let me know.

Hugs from Fortaleza-CearĂ¡-Brazil